In July 2007, Marietta resident Ross Byrne and one other business partner bought the former My Bakery on Highway 92 at Parkway 575 in Woodstock.  Ross has worked there for over 14 years and renamed it Best Dang Bakery Around.

Ross has always had a love for baking, he said. "My mother was a great baker and a great cook. I started out to be a chef when I was 17, but that just didn't work for me. I decided to switch to the pastry side of it."

We are the fifth owners of the 20-year-old business.  When the former owner, however, had to sell it, Byrne said he talked to him about it and "finally said, 'OK, sell it to me.'

Ross makes all the customary treats a bakery sells - cakes, pies, doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, muffins – he also whips up a large selection of international delicacies that have become "very popular" with his regular customers.

"I have a European background so this gives me a chance to make some things I enjoy," he said, noting he added most of the international selections after he bought the bakery. "I feel like it's the background I come from."

Among the offerings are Petits Fours from France, Strudels and Gingerbread from Germany, Baklava from Greece, Danish from Denmark, Pierogies (boiled dumplings of unleavened dough stuffed with various ingredients) from Poland and Cannoli’s, Tiramisu and Pizzelles (traditional waffle cookies) from Italy.

"The Strudels are very popular. And the Cannoli's, Tiramisu, Baklava and Petits Fours," he said. The most popular "out of all of them is the Petits Fours. There's an American twist to it. They're different than what they do in France."

Ross says he's always wanted to do Pierogies but had never had the opportunity until now.  “It's amazing at the number of people coming in to buy them," he said. "People from Pennsylvania and Ohio are coming in. That's where a lot of European and Polish people live."

"You get out in the field and get ideas from things you see," he said. "The Pierogies, I stood in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother. These were like caviar to rich people for us. We got them twice a year. We stood in the kitchen all day just to make 100 of them. I learned from (my mother and grandmother) how to make them. My mother was always baking, always had something in the house."  I also learned how to make other dishes form her like Cabbage Rolls and Stuffed Peppers.

The international pastries account for maybe 25 percent of our business.

We try to do everything at a higher quality or standard than anybody else might offer.

Many of the recipes we use at the bakery were "handed down" through the different owners, but Ross also has some of his own and some from his family.

Stop by today and try out a few of our baked goods!